Tornado Intercept encounters Kansas tornado 5/27/2013

Joplin Tormado Emergency audio, 5/22/2011

Power Lines Down on Road, 6-5-2013

Dodging the Power Pole, 6-5-2013

Forming funnel 5/9/17 South of Sudan, TX

Video of developing mesocyclone. Recorded 6/5/2013, Hockley County, TX. Producing 75 MPH straight line winds, heavy hail and downed power lines.Rapidly develops over a 5 minute period. No audio, recorded on IR night vision camera.

This (image left) is a screen captured video of the radar from the June 19, 2013 tornado near Sundown, TX. The software being used is GR Analyst 2. The pastel red/green is what is called STORM RELATIVE VELOCITY. In it you will notice a small area of bright red/green that indicates very intense wind shear. This is where the tornado was located. There is also some 3-D rendering that is shown. This allows us to see the inner workings of a super cell. Click picture for video.
A brief tour of one of our chase rigs.

What it is equiped with and equipment layout