Shelter Registration Form

Company Name:  (If the place you are registering is a residence, please leave this field blank.)

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The address being registered has the following: (check all that apply)
Below Ground Shelter
Above Ground Hardened Shelter

The basement or shelter is accessed: (check all that apply)
Inside Main Structure
Outside Main Structure

(beneath garage floor; backyard 10ft from back door; above ground shelter in center of house, etc.)

GPS Coordinates:
(this needs to be the coordinates of the entrance. LAT / LONG)

By signing below, I understand by registering my basement, underground storm shelter, or hardened above ground storm shelter, that those areas may be checked for entrapment by debris, following a severe tornadic event. I further understand that it may be an undetermined amount of time, depending on the size of the emergency, before a rescue attempt may be initiated at my location. With my signature, I release Hockley County and the Hockley County Amateur Radio Club from any liability, for any event that occurs due to delayed rescue. I further acknowledge that any record created is subject to the Texas Public Information Act.
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